Pete donovan, hailing from las vegas and holding a sports science degree from the university of nevada, is an mma and boxing expert behind this blog.

Author: Pete Donovan

In the heart of the fight capital, Las Vegas, they know me as Pete “The Fight Analyst” Donovan. My life revolves around the next big fight – whether it’s a championship boxing match or a groundbreaking MMA event. I’m the guy friends hit up for the latest scoop or prediction on fight night. After realizing my knack for breaking down fights went beyond just a hobby, I decided it was time to share my insights with the world. is my arena outside the ring, where I bring fellow fans closer to the sports we live and breathe. Whether you’re looking for in-depth analysis, fighter profiles, or just a solid prediction on who’s going to dominate the next main event, I’ve got you covered. Learn More About Pete’s Journey